Capacity assessment

In effect

The Coal Network Capacity Company conducts capacity assessments of Aurizon Network’s central Queensland coal network, including developing and amending the system operating parameters, in accordance with cl. 7A of the 2017 access undertaking.

The initial capacity assessment report assesses the deliverable capacity of each coal system, having regard to the way each coal system operates in practice, from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2024.

The initial capacity assessment report sets out the constraints that reduce, or are likely to reduce, deliverable network capacity and identifies any existing capacity deficits (where the deliverable capacity will not meet committed capacity). It also includes specific causes for any existing capacity deficits and provides potential solutions for addressing them, where possible.

Aurizon Network has provided its detailed response to the initial capacity assessment report, outlining its views on the causes, and possible transitional solutions, for existing capacity deficits, and the process for implementation.

Aurizon Network’s response is currently being considered by the independent expert, who must make a recommendation to the QCA on the proposed transitional arrangements to reduce the capacity deficits.

Upon receipt of the independent expert’s recommendation, the QCA will then have 15 days (or longer if required) to make a determination on which transitional arrangements will most efficiently and effectively resolve the capacity deficits.

Title Document
21 April 2022 Other documents Aurizon Network’s detailed ICAR response pdf, 11.70 Mb
12 November 2021 Other documents Aurizon Network’s preliminary ICAR response pdf, 3.13 Mb
01 November 2021 Other documents Coal Network Capacity Co – Initial Capacity Assessment Report REDACTED pdf, 5.07 Mb
01 November 2021 Other documents Coal Network Capacity Co – System Operating Parameters for ICAR REDACTED pdf, 2.58 Mb