Climate change expenditure review 2022–23

In progress

We are reviewing whether we need to refine our regulatory approaches, given the climate change risks and opportunities that now confront regulated entities.

We published a discussion paper seeking comments on matters including:

  • the risks and drivers of climate action
  • the effectiveness of existing regulatory frameworks to accommodate and create appropriate incentives to manage climate change risks
  • corporate and regulatory insights on how climate change is managed by other organisations.

We received comments on the discussion paper from seven stakeholders. These submissions and our paper are available to download below.

We will now produce a draft position paper for further stakeholder comment. We will then publish a final position paper that outlines our views on the above matters.

24 October 2022—Discussion paper published

16 December 2022— Stakeholder submissions due

22 December 2022—Stakeholder submissions published

Second quarter 2023—Draft position paper

Second quarter 2023—Stakeholder forum

Second quarter 2023—Further submissions due

Third quarter 2023—Final position paper

Reports and papers

Title Document
24 October 2022 Consultation paper QCA – Discussion paper on climate change pdf, 531.07 Kb
Title Document
16 December 2022 Submission Aurizon Network – Climate change expenditure pdf, 519.21 Kb
16 December 2022 Submission Aurizon Network – Frontier Economics climate report pdf, 1.11 Mb
16 December 2022 Submission DBCT User Group – Climate change expenditure pdf, 281.44 Kb
16 December 2022 Submission Dalrymple Bay Infrastructure Management – Climate change expenditure pdf, 1.67 Mb
16 December 2022 Submission Gladstone Area Water Board – Climate change expenditure pdf, 572.31 Kb
16 December 2022 Submission Pacific National – Climate change expenditure pdf, 333.87 Kb
16 December 2022 Submission Queensland Resources Council – Climate change expenditure pdf, 288.46 Kb
16 December 2022 Submission Urban Utilities – Cover letter – Climate change pdf, 274.68 Kb
16 December 2022 Submission Urban Utilities – Climate change expenditure pdf, 485.95 Kb
19 December 2022 Submission Queensland Health – Climate change expenditure pdf, 54.89 Kb
09 February 2023 Submission Seqwater – Climate change expenditure pdf, 1.32 Mb