Inflation forecasting review 2021

In progress

We are reviewing our approach to estimating expected inflation in future regulatory reviews.

We published an issues paper in March 2021 (see below) as the first stage of our consultation process, inviting stakeholder submissions by 28 May 2021.

We received seven submissions on the issues paper which are available below.

We have published our draft position paper and are seeking submissions by 17 September 2021. We will release our final position paper later in 2021, following consideration of stakeholder submissions on the draft position paper.

Reports and papers

Title Document
23 July 2021 Draft report Inflation forecasting draft position paper – July 2021 pdf, 1.04 Mb
Title Document
08 June 2021 Submission Aurizon Network submission pdf, 1.67 Mb
08 June 2021 Submission Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal User Group submission pdf, 110.79 Kb
08 June 2021 Submission Dalrymple Bay Infrastructure Management submission pdf, 410.76 Kb
08 June 2021 Submission Gladstone Area Water Board submission pdf, 3.42 Mb
08 June 2021 Submission Queensland Treasury Corporation submission pdf, 456.58 Kb
08 June 2021 Submission Seqwater submission pdf, 942.21 Kb
08 June 2021 Submission Sunwater submission pdf, 189.32 Kb
Title Document
18 March 2021 Issues paper Inflation forecasting issues paper – March 2021 pdf, 443.13 Kb