DBCT's 2019 draft access undertaking

In progress

DBCT Management’s 2019 draft access undertaking (2019 DAU) sets out the terms and conditions DBCT Management proposed for negotiating access to the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT), after the 2017 access undertaking terminates in July 2021.

Further submissions are invited

DBCT Management proposed a significant shift from the existing pricing framework in its 2019 DAU, about which stakeholders have expressed concerns and disagreement. As this matter represents a key aspect of our assessment of the 2019 DAU, we consider it pragmatic to publish an interim draft decision, which would outline our views on the framework. This is further detailed in our stakeholder notice, available below.

We invite further submissions from stakeholders on matters relevant to the proposed interim draft decision, as outlined in our stakeholder notice, by Friday, 22 November 2019.

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DBCT Management’s 2017 access undertaking notionally terminates on 1 July 2021.

We issued DBCT Management with an initial undertaking notice on 12 October 2017, requiring it to give us a draft access undertaking for the services declared under section 250(1)(c) of the QCA Act by 1 July 2019. This written notice was given in accordance with section 133(1)(b) of the QCA Act.

We published a statement of regulatory intent for the assessment of DBCT Management’s 2019 DAU, on 11 June 2019.

DBCT Management lodged its 2019 DAU on 1 July 2019 and we published it on 5 July 2019, inviting stakeholder submissions. We received three submissions during this first round of stakeholder consultation.

We have invited further submissions by Friday, 22 November 2019.

The 2019 DAU and related documents are available below.

Date Action
12 October 2017 We issued an initial undertaking notice
11 June 2019 We published our statement of regulatory intent
1 July 2019 DBCTM lodged its 2019 DAU
5 July 2019 We published the DAU and invited stakeholder submissions
23 September 2019 Submissions period closed—we received three submissions
25 October 2019 We updated our assessment process and invited further stakeholder submissions
22 November 2019 Submissions period closes

Report and papers

Title Document
25 October 2019 Notice QCA – notice for further submissions pdf, 675.20 Kb
Title Document
23 September 2019 Submission DBCT User Group—Submission on 2019 DAU (redacted) pdf, 2.00 Mb
23 September 2019 Submission New Hope Group—Submission on 2019 DAU (redacted) pdf, 482.56 Kb
23 September 2019 Submission Whitehaven-Coal—Submission-on-2019-DAU pdf, 43.37 Kb
Title Document
01 July 2019 Submission DBCTM-Cover letter pdf, 1020.42 Kb
01 July 2019 Submission DBCTM-2019 DAU submission (redacted, incl. Appendix 5) pdf, 1.24 Mb
01 July 2019 Submission DBCTM-Appendix 1 GHD Rehabilitation Plan pdf, 3.49 Mb
01 July 2019 Submission DBCTM-Appendix 2 Non-price terms of access pdf, 89.09 Kb
01 July 2019 Submission DBCTM-Appendix 3 DBCT 2019 DAU pdf, 822.00 Kb
01 July 2019 Submission DBCTM-Appendix 4 DBCT 2019 SAA pdf, 464.92 Kb
01 July 2019 Submission DBCTM-Appendix 6 Master plan 2018 pdf, 3.77 Mb
Title Document
23 August 2019 Notice QCA-Staff questions for stakeholders pdf, 591.67 Kb
05 July 2019 Notice QCA-Notice of investigation and time periods pdf, 561.59 Kb
11 June 2019 Other documents Statment of Regulatory Intent – DBCT Management’s 2019 DAU pdf, 807.18 Kb
12 October 2017 Notice QCA-Letter re DBCT initial undertaking notice pdf, 548.57 Kb
12 October 2017 Notice QCA-DBCT initial undertaking notice pdf, 315.96 Kb