Aurizon Network's revenue adjustment

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Final report

Aurizon Network operates under a revenue cap regime, where any over- or under-recovery of its approved revenues in any given year is returned (recouped) through a reference tariff adjustment two years later. The adjustment amount is referred to as a revenue adjustment amount.

Revenue adjustment amounts 2018–19

On 27 September 2019, Aurizon Network submitted revenue adjustment amounts for 2018–19 to us, proposing a net return to access holders of $11.9 million.

We invited submissions from stakeholders on this proposal, due on 31 October 2019. No comments were received.

On 25 November 2019, we made a final decision to approve the 2018-19 revenue adjustment application.

Details of this decision and Aurizon Network’s submission are available below.


Date Action
27 September 2019 Aurizon Network submitted its 2018–19 revenue adjustment proposal
3 October 2019 We published Aurizon Network’s proposal and invited stakeholder submissions
31 October 2019 Stakeholders’ submissions closed. No submissions received.
25 November 2019 Final decision

Report and papers

Title Document
26 November 2019 Final report QCA – Final Decision 2018-19 Revenue Adjustment Amounts pdf, 2.16 Mb
03 October 2019 Submission Aurizon Network – 2018-19 Revenue Adjustment Amount submission pdf, 1.29 Mb

Revenue adjustment amounts 2017–18

We applied the 2016 access undertaking process (UT4) in assessing this submission in accordance with the transitional provisions. The 2017 access undertaking (UT5) came into effect on 21 February 2019.

2017-18 Revenue adjustment amounts