2006 access undertaking (UT2)

Past review
Final report

The 2006 access undertaking sets out the terms and conditions under which Queensland Rail (QR) will provide access to rail infrastructure covered by the undertaking.

It also addresses the process for an access seeker to negotiate access to the infrastructure and how any disputes in relation to access are to be resolved.

In accordance with s.136 of the Queensland Competition Authority Act 1997, the QCA considered QR’s 2006 DAU, and on 30 June 2006, the QCA released its final approval.

On 30 June 2006 the QCA approved Queensland Rail’s (QR) 2006 draft access undertaking and released its final approval.

In making this decision, the QCA took account of issues raised in submissions by interested parties in response to the QCA’s June 2006 position paper. Further it also revisited all matters considered in making its December 2005 decision, to the extent that they remained relevant.

In accordance with provisions of the undertaking, the 2006 DAU came into effect on and from the date of approval.

Following the Queensland Competition Authority’s decision to reject QR’s 2005 draft access undertaking, on 24 May 2006 QR submitted a voluntary draft access undertaking.

QR subsequently withdrew this submission and presented the QCA with a new voluntary draft access undertaking (the 2006 DAU) on 9 June 2006.