Electric energy charge DAAU

In progress

Aurizon Network submitted a draft amending access undertaking (the electric energy charge DAAU), seeking to increase the 2022–23 energy charge (EC) tariff components for the Blackwater and Goonyella system reference tariffs, set out in the 2017 access undertaking.

Aurizon Network responded to the stakeholder submission received, providing additional supporting information.

All relevant documents are available for download below.

Reports and papers

Title Document
23 June 2022 Submission Aurizon Network – EC DAAU proposal pdf, 405.52 Kb
23 June 2022 Submission Aurizon Network – EC DAAU marked_up undertaking pdf, 4.10 Mb
19 August 2022 , NaN b
Title Document
28 July 2022 Submission Queensland Resources Council – Electric Energy Charge DAAU pdf, 309.41 Kb
16 August 2022 Submission Aurizon Network – response to stakeholder submission – Electric energy charge DAAU – public (redacted) pdf, 1.79 Mb
Title Document
23 June 2022 Notice QCA – notice of time periods EC DAAU pdf, 168.50 Kb