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Consumers in south east Queensland are able to shop around for the best electricity deal and around 70% of residential customers are supplied under a market contract.

However, competition is limited in the rest of Queensland with most regional and rural consumers being supplied by Ergon Energy and paying regulated prices.  This is because the Queensland Government pays Ergon Energy a subsidy (known as the uniform tariff policy) so that regional customers pay the same regulated prices as consumers in south east Queensland. Other retailers cannot compete with Ergon Energy's subsidised prices.

Our 2015–16 determination covers customers in south east Queensland as well as regional Queensland after the Queensland State Government announced, in April 2015, that regulated electricity prices will be retained in south east Queensland for 2015–16.

Smart consumers

To make finding the best deal easier, the Australian Energy Regulator has an independent price comparator which compares all electricity offers in the market.

Whether you want the cheapest price, frequent flyer points or to contribute to the health of the environment, most customers can find a better deal in minutes. Find out how much you can save.

Learn how to be a smart consumer.

Have an issue with your retailer?  

If you have spoken to your retailer about a problem with your service but have not been able to resolve it, you can turn to agencies like the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland for help.

They provide a free dispute resolution service for residential and small business customers. See who can help you resolve issues.

If you are unsatisfied with the service from your retailer, you may wish to consider an alternative retailer.

This section of the website provides information for electricity retailers. 

Here you can find the latest information on regulated retail prices and copies of the Electricity Distribution Network Code.