Warning Notice issued to Ergon Distribution

The Queensland Competition Authority has issued a warning notice to Ergon Energy Corporation Limited (Ergon Distribution) under s.120S of the Electricity Act 1994. The warning notice has been published on the QCA website.

Ergon Distribution is the electricity distributor that builds and maintains the ‘poles and wires’ in regional Queensland.    

QCA Chair Professor Roy Green said the QCA issued the warning notice as it considered Ergon Distribution had been in material contravention of its obligations under clause 3.7 of the Electricity Distribution Network Code (the code).

“The code requires distributors to complete various services for retailers, referred to as standard service orders, within certain timeframes,” Professor Green said.

“Clause 3.7 of the code requires distributors to complete meter reconfiguration service order requests within 20 business days, or by the date agreed to by the retailer.” 

A meter reconfiguration service order request occurs where a retailer requests a distributor to reconfigure or reprogram a meter.  Typically, a retailer would make this request to facilitate a change in tariff for a customer.  For example, to change from one off-peak control load tariff to another.

Professor Green said Ergon Distribution reported that in the June quarter of 2017 it failed to meet service order requests for meter reconfiguration within the timeframes required by clause 3.7 of the code in 48.5% of cases.

“This issue is important for consumers, as a failure to reconfigure meters within suitable timeframes can affect their ability to be supplied under their tariff of choice,” Professor Green said.

Under the warning notice, Ergon Distribution is required to propose a remedial plan to achieve and maintain compliance; and to undertake to comply with the plan approved by the QCA. 

Any customers in regional areas with metering queries should contact Ergon Distribution directly (13 74 66).  If you are a residential or small business customer, and unable to resolve your issue with Ergon directly, you can contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman which provides a free dispute resolution service (1800 622 637).

For more information please contact Margaret Lawson at Cole Lawson Communications on 0419 643 243.

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