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Accessibility Features

Links to other websites and documents

All links to external websites should open in a new browser window. Links to documents should open up a landing page in the same browser window which contains the file size and format of the document. Links to documents from these landing pages should then open the document in a new browser window.

Changing text appearance

Set the font size on your pages by selecting the big A or little A at the top-right of the screen.

Alternatively, you can change the text size settings in your Web browser. Just follow the instructions available from your Browser's 'Help' information.

Keyboard navigation

Keyboard navigation is an alternative to the mouse for browsing websites. This increases accessibility for visitors who have difficulty using a mouse or pointer tool.

Use the arrow keys to scroll up or down pages. Use the tab key to move between links (‘skip links’), and press return or enter to select one. Use the backspace key to go back to the previous page.


This website includes a variety of files for download.

Portable document format (PDF)

There are some PDFs on this website. PDF is a universal file format by Adobe. It retains all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image.

The PDF can be viewed, navigated, forwarded to others, or printed exactly as it appears on screen, using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Adobe PDF Reader

Trouble opening a PDF

If you are experiencing problems opening a download file (such as a PDF or Word file), try saving it to your computer before you open it.

Converting a PDF to text

A conversion service offered by Adobe that will convert to text Adobe PDF files that are in English and most West European languages. Visit

Other file types

Information throughout the ESC website is in HTML and a range of other formats. To open these other formats, you may need to download and install one or more of the following on your computer:

Microsoft Word

Links indicated by the Word icon will open the document using the word processing package you have loaded on your computer.

With the free Microsoft Word Viewer 97/2000, if you do not have Word you can open and view Word documents within your browser.

Download Microsoft Word Viewer

Microsoft Excel

Links indicated by the Excel icon will open the document if you have Excel installed.

With the free Excel Viewer 2003 you can open, view, and print Excel workbooks, even if you don't have Excel installed. You can also copy data from Excel Viewer 2003 to another program.
Download Microsoft Excel Viewer

Microsoft PowerPoint

Links indicated by the PowerPoint icon will open as a slideshow if you have PowerPoint installed.

With the free PowerPoint Viewer, if you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint you can view PowerPoint 95, 97, 2000, and 2002 presentations.

Download Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

ZIP files

ZIP files are 'archives' used for storing or distributing files and can contain one or more files which are usually compressed to save space. ZIP files make it easy to group files and make transporting and copying these files faster.
Links indicated by the ZIP icon will launch an expansion utility if you have one installed.

You can download the expansion utility appropriate to your operating system (PC or Mac):

Download WinZip for Windows
Download StuffIt for Macintosh