Corporate documents

Key corporate documents including publications, fact sheets, annual reports and other corporate information are available for download below. These documents are published in line with legislative requirements.

Requirements for Queensland Government agencies 2015–16

In 2015–16 the Queensland Government introduced new requirements that additional information be available in a templated format. This information can be downloaded here.

Date Title Document
30 September 2020 QCA annual report 2019-20 pdf,2.13 Mb
01 October 2019 QCA annual report 2018-19 pdf,3.27 Mb
22 August 2019 QCA Strategic Plan 2019-20 pdf,520.31 Kb
01 September 2018 QCA Annual report 2017-18 pdf,1.26 Mb
12 December 2018 QCA Strategic Plan 2018-19 pdf,451.35 Kb
29 September 2017 QCA Annual report 2016-17 pdf,2.17 Mb
30 September 2016 QCA Annual Report 2015-16 pdf,1.91 Mb
30 September 2015 QCA Annual Report 2014-15 pdf,737.42 Kb
30 September 2014 QCA Annual Report 2013-14 pdf,2.83 Mb
24 September 2013 QCA Annual Report 2012-13 pdf,2.42 Mb
21 September 2012 QCA Annual Report 2011-12 pdf,1.15 Mb
28 September 2011 QCA Annual Report 2010-11 pdf,377.57 Kb

Right to information

Application form

Right to Information Act 2009

Information Privacy Act 2009

Corporate policies

Code of Conduct

Public Interest Disclosure Policy

Public Interest Disclosure Procedure

Public Interest Disclosure Management Plan (PDF)

QCA Performance Framework and KPI document

External surveys

External stakeholder survey 2020 – Final report (PDF)

Procurement information

Consultancy – Standard Agreement