St George

  • Water supply scheme
  • Water distribution system

The St George water supply scheme has 153 bulk customers, and incorporates a channel distribution system that services 51 irrigations customers. The scheme supplies water to the town of St George and provides water to irrigators for the production of cotton, wheat, grapes, melons, peanuts and small crops.

The principal water storage is the EJ Beardmore Dam on the Balonne River, which holds up to 81,700ML. It releases water to a series of downstream weirs and supplies water to channels which form the St George distribution systems.

About 90% of the water used in the St George irrigation area is supplied from the Thuraggi Watercourse through the Buckinbah Regulator and Buckinbah Main Channel.


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The distribution system includes 112 km of channels and 99 km of drains and provides up to 50,788ML of water entitlements to distribution customers.  

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