Nogoa Mackenzie and Emerald

  • Water supply scheme
  • Distribution system

The Nogoa-Mackenzie water supply scheme has 351 bulk customers and incorporates the Emerald channel distribution system, which services 147 irrigators. The scheme supplies coal mines and various towns including Emerald and Blackwater.

The principal water storage is the Fairbairn Dam, an earth and rock fill clay-core dam which can hold up 1,301,000ML.

Irrigation uses of water include: cotton, citrus and grapes, wheat, pulse crops, sorghum, maize, lucerne, oats, barley and sunflowers.


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The Emerald distribution system consists of five pump stations, 126 km of channels and 144 km of drains.

It includes two sub-systems, Selma and Weemah, each fed by an outlet from Fairbairn Dam.

Irrigators in the distribution system hold 87,317ML of water entitlements.

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