Callide Valley

  • Callide Valley

Most of the scheme's 138 customers in the Callide Valley draw their water from groundwater bores, with only a few drawing water directly from the creek systems. 

The main infrastructure for the scheme is the Callide Dam, which holds 136,700 ML. 

The Kroombit Dam and Callide Creek Weir are also part of the scheme's storage infrastructure, with a capacity of 14,600 ML and 506 ML respectively.

Uses of the scheme's water:

  • Irrigation – among the agricultural crops in the area that need water for irrigation are summer and winter cereals, cotton and lucerne. Dairy and beef are also important industries.
  • Urban water – the scheme provides the town of Biloela with water.
  • Industries – the Callide power station and a meatworks, among other large industrial users, rely on the Callide Valley water scheme.

The urban and industrial water does not form part of the irrigation supply system.

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