Burdekin Haughton

  • Water Supply Scheme
  • Water distribution system

The main infrastructure of the scheme, which has around 370 customers, consists of:

Burdekin Falls Dam – capacity of 1,860,000 ML

Gorge Weir – capacity of 9,095 ML

Blue Valley Weir – capacity of 3,820 ML

Clare Weir – capacity of 15,900 ML

Val Bird Weir – capacity of 615 ML

Giru Weir – capacity of 1.025 ML

A rich variety of crops are grown in the Burdekin area, including sugarcane and various fruit and vegetables. This scheme provides the water for irrigation of these crops. 

In addition, water is supplied to Townsville and other small townships, and quarries and sugar mills in the area get their water through the scheme.

The North and South Burdekin water boards rely on the scheme too: a significant quantity of the water from the Burdekin Falls Dam is released from Clare Weir and is directed to these two water boards to supplement groundwater supplies.



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A number of pump stations on the Clare Weir divert water to the main channels such as the Haughton, Barratta and Elliot.

From there the water travels to the customers via various distribution systems.

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