Qld Rail 2016 Access Undertaking

  • Approved Access Undertaking
  • Variations
  • Ongoing Compliance

The 2016 access undertaking sets out the process required for an access seeker to negotiate access to the infrastructure, and how any disputes in relation to access are to be resolved.

Queensland Rail is obliged to undertake a number of activities in accordance with its undertaking, some of which require the QCA's approval.

Queensland Rail can seek to amend an approved undertaking by submitting a draft amending access undertaking, in accordance with the process set out in the QCA Act.

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Queensland Rail can seek to vary its approved access undertaking at any time by submitting a draft amending access undertaking (DAAU) to the QCA under the QCA Act.

It can also seek to vary reference tariffs through Endorsed Variation Events and Review Events under the 2016 access undertaking.

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We monitor Queensland Rail's ongoing compliance with its 2016 approved access undertaking.

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