Qld Rail 2016 Access Undertaking

  • Approved Access Undertaking
  • Variations
  • Ongoing Compliance

Queensland Rail's 2016 access undertaking came into effect on 11 October 2016 and terminates on 30 June 2020. The undertaking is subject to amendment through a draft amending access undertaking (DAAU) process under the QCA Act.

The most recent 2016 access undertaking is based on the approvals listed below.

Date approved

Approved undertaking and DAAUs

11 October 2016

2015 DAU (amended), which became the 2016 AU

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Queensland Rail can seek to vary its approved access undertaking at any time by submitting a draft amending access undertaking (DAAU) to the QCA under the QCA Act.


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We monitor Queensland Rail's ongoing compliance with its 2016 access undertaking.

Queensland Rail is obliged by its undertaking to seek approval of certain matters from us (e.g. capital expenditure and reference tariff variations).

The QCA also assesses ad hoc requests from Queensland Rail for approval of matters required by the undertaking.

Compliance activities

Capital expenditure claim

Capital expenditure preapproval

Reference tariff adjustments

QCA levy

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