Qld Rail 2008 Access Undertaking

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  • Variations
  • Ongoing Compliance

Queensland Rail was subject to the 2008 access undertaking the QCA approved for QR Network, as amended to include new tariffs and tariff-setting rules in June 2010. The undertaking applied to Queensland Rail through a Transfer Notice published by the Queensland Government in June 2010 under the Infrastructure Investment (Asset Restructuring and Disposal) Act 2009. The 2008 undertaking expired on 30 June 2015.

The access undertaking set out the terms and conditions under which Queensland Rail provided access to rail infrastructure covered by the undertaking. It also set out the process required for an access seeker to negotiate access to the infrastructure and how any disputes in relation to access were to be resolved.

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Queensland Rail can seek to amend its approved access undertakings by submitting draft amending access undertakings (DAAUs) that are subject to the assessment criteria for undertakings in the QCA Act.

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The QCA Act requires Queensland Rail to submit regulatory accounts that single out the financial information for the declared parts of its business. We may approve a costing manual to guide how the accounts are prepared.

Queensland Rail's undertaking also allowed it to ask us to approve a variety of revenue and tariff adjustments, including charges to recoup or refund tariffs if an undertaking is approved after the start of the relevant tariff period.


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