March 2018 Compliance Notice - Maintenance

March 2018 Compliance Notice - Maintenance

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The QCA has provided its initial assessment on the maintenance matters set out in the QCA's March 2018 Compliance Notice.

The QCA continues to review information provided by Aurizon Network and other stakeholders in response to each of the questions set out in our initial compliance notice.

This assessment is set out in the stakeholder notice below.

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The QCA intends to inform itself whether Aurizon Network is complying with the approved 2016 access undertaking (UT4) in light of Aurizon Network's announcements that it is changing its maintenance practices.

In March 2018, the QCA sent Aurizon Network a notice requesting information on its compliance with UT4. Stakeholders were also invited to provide any relevant information.

Aurizon Network provided information as requested by 20 April 2018. The Queensland Resources Council (QRC), Pacific National and Aurizon Coal also provided information within the same timeframe.



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22 March 2018

QCA issued compliance notice to Aurizon Network

26 March 2018

QCA invited stakeholders to provide relevant information

20 April 2018

Aurizon Network responded to compliance notice


Stakeholders provided information

21 May 2018

QCA provided progress update

21 September 2018 QCA issued stakeholder notice and update
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