2014 Draft Access Undertaking

2014 Draft Access Undertaking

  • Final Decision - 2014 Amended DAU
  • Final Decision - 2014 DAU
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Following the QCA’s final decision in regard to the 2014 DAU (released in April 2016), Aurizon Network submitted the 2014 Amended DAU on 7 July 2016.

Stakeholders were invited to provide comments on the MAR and 2014 Amended DAU by 29 July 2016. We received  five submissions from stakeholders.

On 1 September 2016, we released a draft decision in respect of the 2014 Amended DAU. We received five submissions from stakeholders in response to the Draft Decision.

On 11 October 2016, the QCA published a Final Decision to approve the 2014 Amended DAU.

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On 28 April 2016, we released a final decision on the 2014 DAU. This follows on from our previous draft decisions on Aurizon Network’s 2014 DAU in relation to:

30 September 2014 - maximum allowable revenue (MAR)

30 January 2015 - policy and pricing

30 April 2015 - capacity transfer mechanism

31 July 2015 - WIRP pricing

16 December 2015 - consolidated draft decision

Our final decisions on the above matters are now available below.

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In August 2014, Aurizon Network submitted a draft access undertaking (2014 DAU) for our approval.

The 2010 undertaking, which sets out the terms and conditions for access to the central Queensland coal network, has been extended and is scheduled to terminate on 30 September 2016.

Under section 136 of the QCA Act, we must consider a voluntary DAU given to us, and either approve, or refuse to approve it. We have commenced an investigation to decide whether or not to approve Aurizon Network's 2014 DAU.

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Report & Papers

QCA Final Decisions

Submissions on QCA Consolidated Draft Decision

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