August 2016 Extension DAAU

August 2016 Extension DAAU

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On 30 August 2016, Aurizon Network submitted a new extension DAAU to extend the terminating date of its 2010 access undertaking from 30 September 2016 to the earlier of 30 November 2016, or the date on which a QCA approved replacement undertaking takes effect.

The application letter setting out the key elements of the extension DAAU, and Aurizon Network's reasons for submitting a new extension DAAU, as well as clean and marked-up copies of the DAAU are available below.

An updated marked-up copy of the extension DAAU was provided by Aurizon Network on 6 September 2016.  The updated copy did not make any change to the substance of the DAAU, but removed the markups inadvertently left in from the previous extension DAAU (May 2016 extension DAAU).

Comments on Aurizon Network's extension DAAU were due by 16 September 2016.  One submission was received and is published below. 

The QCA approved the August 2016 extension DAAU on 26 September 2016.

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