Extension DAAUs

  • Project Overview
  • Discussion - UT4 and references tariffs
  • Further Extension

In accordance with the QCA Act, Aurizon Network can, at any time, submit a DAAU to the QCA for approval.  DAAUs seek to amend approved access undertakings.

Extension DAAUs seek to extend the termination date of an approved access undertaking.

DAAUs are assessed by the QCA in accordance with the relevant provisions of the QCA Act.

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On Wednesday 10 April 2013, the QCA hosted a discussion on Aurizon Network's access undertaking, focussing on the UT4 timetable and reference tariffs for the central Queensland coal network from 1 July 2013.  The discussion was attended by representatives from Aurizon Network, the coal industry and above-rail operators.

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In its November 2013 response submission to initial submissions on its 2013 DAU, Aurizon Network indicated it will engage with the QCA regarding timing for submitting a voluntary DAAU to further extend the terminating date of the 2010 access undertaking.

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