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  • Accessing rail networks

Aurizon Network, a subsidiary of Aurizon Holdings Limited, operates the central Queensland coal rail network. Aurizon Holdings Limited also operates coal freight trains that run on the network.

The central Queensland coal network is declared for third-party access in accordance with the QCA Act.

The process for gaining access to the network is governed by Aurizon Network’s access undertaking, which is approved, from time to time, by the QCA.

Aurizon Network's access undertaking applies to the five rail systems that comprise the central Queensland coal network:


The Moura system links the Moura mine to Gladstone. 


The Blackwater system connects Gregory, Rolleston and Minerva to Gladstone, including part of the North Coast Line between Parana and Rocklands. 


The Goonyella system connects Gregory, North Goonyella and Blair Athol mine to the port of Hay Point. 


The Newlands system links Newlands to the port of Abbot Point, including the part of the North Coast Line between Durroburra and Kaili.​ 

Goonyella to Abbot Point

The Goonyella to Abbot Point (GAP) system is the railway infrastructure comprising the Northern Missing Link and part of any other system used by a train that uses or connects to the Northern Missing Link, except where the train originates or terminates south of Gregory. 

the central Queensland coal network

Queensland Rail is a statutory authority that provides passenger train services and operates more than 7,000 km of track, including the rail network in south east Queensland, the western system, and the Mount Isa and North Coast Line.

While Queensland Rail is vertically integrated, this is only in respect to its passenger services. It does not operate freight services.

Regional freight systems

Queensland Rail's network business provides services to rail operators on the regional freight systems, including negotiating access to the network.

The regional freight network extends south to Brisbane, Wallagarra and Cunnamulla, north to Cairns and Normanton, east along the coast and west to Mount Isa, Winton and Quilpie.

South east Queensland (city) network

Queensland Rail also operates a passenger rail network.

The south east Queensland network is an integrated passenger and rail access service that extends from the centre of Brisbane, south to Beenleigh and Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast, north to Ferny Grove, Caboolture and Gympie, east to Cleveland and west to Richlands, Ipswich and Rosewood.

Essential infrastructure that underpins economic activity should be accessible to all potential users. 

We regulate third party access to support competition by enabling competitors (i.e. ‘third-parties’) to access essential infrastructure that cannot be economically duplicated, including below-rail (track) infrastructure (such as that operated by Aurizon Network and Queensland Rail) and port infrastructure (such as that operated by DBCT Management). 

As an example, we ensure that the track infrastructure operated by Aurizon Network in the central Queensland coal region may be used by third-party above-rail (train) operators. This provides customers such as coal miners with options about the haulage of their product. 

By opening up access, competition is enhanced in related markets such as rail transport.