Remediation Allowance DAAU

Remediation Allowance DAAU

  • Withdrawal
  • Draft Decision
  • Project Overview
  • Regulatory Process

On 3 October 2018, DBCT Management Pty Ltd (DBCTM) withdrew its Remediation Allowance DAAU.

DBCTM’s letter, which outlines its reasons for the withdrawal and its intention to revisit the matter as part of the upcoming 2021 access undertaking, is available below.

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On 16 August 2018, the QCA made the draft decision to refuse to approve DBCT Management’s Remediation Allowance DAAU.

The QCA sought stakeholder comments on its draft decision.

We received one submission from the DBCT User Group.

The draft decision and submission are available for download below.


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On 27 April 2018, DBCT Management Pty Ltd (DBCTM) submitted a draft amending access undertaking (DAAU) seeking to modify the 2017 access undertaking (2017 AU).

In its application, DBCTM proposed to amend the 2017 AU and create a mechanism to amend the financial model associated with the 2017 access undertaking (the Annual Revenue Requirement model), if a perceived error is identified.

DBCTM also proposed a change to the model, using this mechanism, for the tax treatment of the remediation allowance.

The QCA received one stakeholder submission on the Remediation Allowance DAAU, from the DBCT User Group.

The submissions, DAAU and related files are available below.

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30 April 2018

The QCA published DBCTM’s DAAU

6 June 2018

DBCT User Group’s submission on the DAAU received

16 August 2018

The QCA published its draft decision

28 September 2018

DBCT User Group’s submission on the draft decision received

3 October 2018

DBCTM withdrew the DAAU

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