2018 Modification DAAU

2018 Modification DAAU

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On 21 June 2018, QCA approved DBCTM's 2018 Modification DAAU. The 2018 Modification DAAU comes into effect on this date and forms the (newly amended) 2017 AU.

The QCA's decision, which sets out the reasoning for approving the DAAU, is available below.

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Stakeholders were invited to comment on the 2018 Modification DAAU. The QCA stated that, subject to submissions, it may publish a draft decision on the DAAU and seek further comment, or proceed directly to a final decision.

The QCA received one submission, from the DBCT User Group.

The submission, the DAAU, and related documents can be downloaded below.

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On 9 May 2018 the QCA received a draft amending access undertaking (DAAU) from DBCT Management Pty Ltd (DBCTM) seeking to modify the wording of the 2017 access undertaking. DBCTM said the 2018 Modification DAAU fully complied with the QCA’s draft decision on the 2017 Modification DAAU.

The QCA set a short consultation period of two weeks because:

  • these matters had already been consulted upon as part of the 2017 Modification DAAU process
  • the new drafting proposed by DBCTM was published on the QCA website on 30 April as part of DBCTM’s submission to the QCA’s draft decision.

The QCA noted DBCTM had responded to the DBCT User Group submission on the QCA’s draft decision in its cover letter.

The DAAU and related documents can be downloaded below.

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15 September 2017

DBCTM submitted the 2017 Modification DAAU

20 October 2017

Stakeholder submissions were due on DAAU

22 March 2018

Draft decision

27 April 2018

Stakeholder submissions on draft decision due

4 May 2018

Receipt of one confidential submission on 2017 Modification DAAU

4 May 2018

DBCTM withdrew its 2017 Modification DAAU

9 May 2018

DBCTM submitted its 2018 Modification DAAU

6 June 2018

Receipt of DBCT User Group submission on 2018 Modification DAAU

21 June

Decision to approve 2018 Modification DAAU

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