Non-expansion capital expenditure

  • Project Overview

The 2010 DBCT access undertaking contains a streamlined approval process for NECAP expenditure less than $20 million per annum to be included in the regulatory asset base (RAB) provided that the following requirements are met:

  • the expenditure is less than $20 million per annum and the total NECAP expenditure for the term of the undertaking is less than $110 million
  • the expenditure is capital expenditure, not operating expenditure
  • the terminal's users did not object to including the expenditure into the regulatory asset base
  • the operator (DBCT Pty Ltd) has recommended in writing that this expenditure be incurred (cl. 12.10(b)).

In addition, the undertaking provides for NECAP expenditure in excess of $20 million per year to be included in the RAB if it is considered prudent having regard to a set of criteria (cl. 12.10(c)).

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