Industry Assistance

Industry Assistance

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The QCA published its Final Report on Industry Assistance in Queensland on 7 August 2015.

The Final Report was submitted to Government on 31 July 2015.

The QCA has identified more than $5 billion per year in assistance to industry.  The Final Report finds that while some assistance measures are beneficial, many others deliver private benefits to industry at a net cost to the Queensland community.

The Final Report is presented in two parts:

  • Volume I: The Final Report

  • Volume II: Appendices to the Final Report

View the Factsheet.

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The QCA has released a Draft Report on Industry Assistance in Queensland for public comment.

The Draft Report is presented in two parts:

Volume I: The Draft Report
Volume II: Appendices to the Draft Report

26 submissions were received on the Draft Report.

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The QCA provided its interim report on Industry Assistance: Performance Assessment Framework to the government on 29 August 2014.

This interim report completes the first part of this inquiry's terms of reference, which asked the QCA to develop an appropriate performance assessment framework to evaluate industry assistance provided by the Queensland Government.

The framework concentrates on assessing whether an industry assistance measure is effective, cost effective and delivers a net benefit for the Queensland community. The aim of the framework is to help government decision makers and the community judge the performance of industry assistance, as well as to assess the design of new assistance measures.

We will continue to work with stakeholders and Queensland Government agencies to progress the other key components of the inquiry, including identifying and measuring industry assistance and applying the performance assessment framework to identified industry assistance measures.

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The range of industry assistance measures covered by this inquiry is broad and could include government subsidies, taxation revenues foregone, purchasing preference schemes, underpricing of access to government-owned assets or services, and regulations that restrict competition or innovation. Options for reform are potentially wide-ranging, but with a clear focus on improving the economic impact of Queensland industry assistance.

Developing and applying a performance assessment regime will be a large task and may require developing priorities for review and recommended reforms.

Stakeholder consultation will form a large part of the QCA’s consideration of this matter, including what industry assistance is, how its impact should be assessed, and how it can be targeted to improve Queensland’s economic growth and productivity.

An issues paper was published on 11 April 2014, to help stakeholders prepare better informed and targeted submissions.

11 submissions were received on the Issues Paper.

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