DBCT NECAP Application - Water Quality Improvement Project

DBCT NECAP Application - Water Quality Improvement Project

20 Nov 2015

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On 16 November 2015, we received an application from DBCT Management to approve non-expansion capital expenditure (NECAP) for Phase 2 of the DBCT water quality improvement project (WQIP).

In its proposal, DBCT Management has sought the QCA's approval to include $14.6 million into its regulated asset base (RAB).

We are assessing DBCT Management’s proposal in accordance with the requirements in the 2010 DBCT access undertaking. Flagstaff Consulting was engaged to assess the prudency of the WQIP Phase 2 project. Both DBCT Management's application and Flagstaff's consultancy report are published on our website.

We are seeking views from interested parties by Friday, 18 December 2015. In the absence of stakeholder comments, we may proceed directly to a final decision on this matter. Go to this project...