An innovative approach to funding new infrastructure

An innovative approach to funding new infrastructure

31 Oct 2014

Rail News

A draft decision on Aurizon Network’s proposed 2013 Standard User Funding Agreement (SUFA)arrangements has been released today.

"SUFA is a ground-breaking approach for the funding of new rail infrastructure in Central Queensland.  If successful, the SUFA approach could be adopted in other regulated industries", said QCA Chairman Malcolm Roberts.

The SUFA documents are designed to be a suite of standard pro-forma agreements to allow for alternative options to Aurizon Network funding rail infrastructure expansions in the Central Queensland Coal Network.

The development of the SUFA arrangements to this point reflects a significant amount of work by Aurizon Network, the Queensland Resources Council and the QCA.  It also reflects the specialist advice of the QCA's legal and financial advisors—Clayton Utz and Grant Samuel.

Our draft decision proposes changes to transform Aurizon Network's proposed SUFA into a more conventional and attractive financing structure, creating another financing option for businesses requiring expansions of the existing network or extensions to the network.

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