Position Paper: SEQ long-term regulatory framework

Position Paper: SEQ long-term regulatory framework

03 Mar 2014

Water News

The QCA has prepared a Position Paper on a long-term light-handed regulatory framework for monitoring the monopoly distribution and retail water and sewerage activities of Unitywater, Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU), Logan City Council, Redland City Council and Gold Coast City Council.

The QCA's proposed approach would provide the Queensland Government and the community with annual performance reporting on key indicators such as prices, service quality, investment strategies and customer engagement practices. The approach will lower regulatory costs.

It is proposed that annual changes in water and sewerage prices be measured against prices in the broader economy (CPI), with an additional adjustment (X) for the productivity gains that water retailers can be expected to achieve.

Comments on the Position Paper are due by 30 June 2014, and all comments will be taken into account in preparing the Final Report due 30 September 2014.

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