Pricing Review

Pricing Review

27 Aug 2013

Research News

The Queensland Competition Authority is currently undertaking a review of pricing principles for regulated firms.  The Queensland Competition Authority Act 1997 specifies a variety of economic and non-economic goals for the Authority to consider in regulating monopoly firms.  Regulatory pricing principles are a set of high level criteria that can be used to guide the Authority as it makes decisions about specific prices and price structures designed to achieve the objectives of the Act.

The Authority released a discussion paper, ‘Regulatory Objectives and the Design and Implementation of Pricing Principles’ in April 2013 that updates and expands on pricing principles currently applied by the Authority.  Submissions were due on 30 June 2013, and the Authority received submissions from four stakeholders. 

In light of these submissions and further work, the discussion paper was subsequently revised to become a Statement of Regulatory Pricing Principles.  The Authority approved this paper on 22 August 2013. 

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