Other Matters

    Electricity prices
    1. What are the components of a typical electricity bill?
    2. What does deregulation of the retail electricity market in south east Queensland (SEQ) mean for customers?
    3. What is the difference between a standing offer and a market (negotiated) offer?
    4. Why did the QCA release a second determination on the regulated retail prices (notified prices) for regional customers for 2017–18?
    5. What is the regulated service fee for regional customers?
    6. What tariffs apply to households in regional Queensland?
    7. What tariffs apply to small businesses in regional Queensland?
    8. Why are regulated prices for regional customers changing this year?
    9. What is a metering charge, and why do I have to pay it?
    10. What is the uniform tariff policy? Who benefits from it?
    11. How can I save on electricity bills?
    12. I can't pay my bill ... What should I do?
    1. What is the Solar Bonus Scheme
    2. What is a feed-in tariff? What feed-in tariffs apply in regional Queensland, and how are they determined?
    3. I live in south east Queensland. What is my feed-in tariff?
    4. Why doesn't my electricity retailer pay me the full retail price (i.e.' 1 for 1') for the electricity I export to the grid from my solar PV system?
    Card-Operated Meters
    1. What is a card-operated meter?
    2. Where can I purchase the power-cards?
    1. Are prices for reticulated natural gas regulated?
    Other Matters
    1. Which retailers operate in my area?
    2. I am having problems with my retailer. What should I do?
    3. How do I establish a new connection/make an alteration to an existing connection?
    4. What happens if my retailer goes out of business?
    5. I've received a disconnection notice. What should I do to avoid being disconnected?
    6. Can I go back to Ergon Energy Queensland as my supplier?
    7. I live in an apartment and have been advised that I'm unable to change my electricity retailer. Why?