Recent RTI Requests

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Information Requested

Status of Application

21 Oct 2009   Proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS)


Documents relating to the impact of the  Federal Government's proposed CPRS on retail electricity  prices, & the financial viability & profitability of current electricity generators & future viability of current market structure.

Application Finalised - Access refused to part of the application as the information is available on the website.
17 Sep 2010  

Seqwater prices (Application part transferred to   QCA)

Hot Issues Brief to the Minister of Natural Resources, Mines & Energy and confidential background information only on Seqwater prices. Application Finalised - Access refused - no documents held.

09 Aug 2011


Vehicle Import Services -  Candidate and Declaration matter

Board Papers and Minutes for the period            1 July 2009 to 4 August 2011 relating to the Fisherman’s Island candidate service matter   and declaration criteria matter

Application Finalised - Part access granted to relevant portions of board papers and their attachments and the related minutes of meetings dealing with this issue.

Attachment to large to post online. If access is required please submit a request online.

12 Dec 2011   Electricity Price Comparator Data Raw data provided by electricity retailers to the QCA for Electricity Price Comparator 


Application Finalised - Access refused - exempt information - raw data supplied on a confidential basis by the retailer.

05 Jan 2015

  Preliminary Impact Assessment (PIA) Access to a PIA submitted from either the Department of Housing & Public Works, BCIPA or QLD Building and Construction Commission

Application Finalised - Access refused - exempt information

08 Jan 2016   Aquaculture   Budget and Cost The budget and cost for the review and report on the Regulation of the Aquaculture Industry Application Finalised - Access granted - costs incurred with respect to the review and report on the Regulation of the Aquaculture Industry was $332,412.