Our Executive Team

Our executive team, with their wealth of knowledge and experience, complement the Board and guide the QCA teams to deliver work of a high quality.

Charles Millstead

Charles Millsteed

Chief Executive Officer

Charles has broad experience in policy analysis and economic regulation. He commenced his career at the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics, focusing on energy market analysis and assessing the impacts of trade, investment and climate change policies.

Since 2001, he has worked in the area of energy market regulation in roles at the QCA, Ergon Energy and the Australian Energy Regulator.

Charles joined the QCA in 2010.

William Copeman

William Copeman

Director of Peer Review

William’s diverse experience encompasses roles at Queensland Treasury, Queensland Treasury Corporate and Deloitte Economics.

As Director of Peer Review, his role is to provide accuracy of material and assurance of quality for the Queensland Competition Authority. He has delivered economic regulation, analysis and policy development in both the public and private sector. In particular, William has worked extensively in the Queensland water industry.

William joined the QCA in 2010.


George Passmore

George Passmore

Director Business Performance

George has nearly 20 years’ experience in economic regulation.

As Director of Business Performance his role involves the monitoring and implementation of regulation across all firms regulated by the QCA.  Prior to this role, George was extensively involved in the economic oversight of water and local government sectors, as well as rail access regulation in the QCA.  

George started his career with the Bureau of Agricultural Economics before moving to Queensland and working on sugar industry policy, water sector policy and Queensland’s first review of irrigation water price paths.

George joined the QCA in 2000.

Raymond Rapinette

Raymond Rapinette

Director Corporate Services

Ray brings with him extensive experience in senior and executive roles in banking, local government and Queensland statutory bodies. 

As Director of Corporate Services, his role is diverse in managing the provision of a range of corporate services, including governance,  financial management, information technology, human resources and corporate administration.

Ray’s previous roles included developing strategic frameworks, corporate and operational planning, cultural change and leading and managing multi-disciplinary teams to deliver major capital projects.

Ray joined the QCA in October 2016.