Information Statement

Professor Roy Green appointed as Chair of the Port of Newcastle

On  18 December 2017, Professor Roy Green was appointed Chair of the Port of Newcastle on a part-time basis. As the Chair of the QCA, Professor Green is bound by the provisions of the Queensland Competition Authority Act 1997  (the Act) when performaning his obligations and functions as Chair of the QCA. This includes s 219 (Disclosure of interests), which sets out the process to be followed if a Member of the QCA has a relevant indirect or direct interest in an issue being considered (or to be considered) by the QCA; and where the interest could conflict with the proper performance of the Member’s duties about consideration of the issue. 

The Port of Newcastle is a privately owned and managed commercial enterprise and its core function is to provide port services to its customers in the Hunter Valley (NSW). The QCA is required to regulate Queensland based services declared in accordance with s 250 of the Act. The relevant declared services are operated by Queensland Rail Ltd, Aurizon Network Pty Ltd and Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Management Pty Ltd and are regulated by the QCA. 

After considering the possible interactions between the Port of Newcastle and relevant entities regulated by the QCA, as well as the responsibilities and duties of the role of Chair for both the QCA and the Port of Newcastle, Professor Green believes there is no direct conflict of interest in discharging his statutory responsibilities and duties to the QCA at this present time.

Nevertheless, as a statutory office holder, Professor Green has sought advice from the Queensland Integrity Commissioner on the matter. The Integrity Commissioner, Dr Nikola Stepanov, is of the view that there does not appear to be a direct conflict of interest. The Commissioner’s response can be read here.

Professor Green has formally advised the Honourable Jackie Trad, Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, of his appointment.

Professor Green has also indicated that he will not participate in any decisions where a perception of bias or interest, however unlikely, may arise.

Similarly, at the Port of Newcastle he will exclude himself from decisions that have or may have implications for Queensland regulatory processes in which the QCA is involved.

Should you require any further detail or information, please contact Ray Rapinette, Director Corporate Services, on 07 3222 0555.